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Prescription Drug Coverage.  The part of your Medicare benefit that pays for some, but not all, of the costs for your prescription drugs and only at participating area pharmacies.  If you are on Medicare, then you are eligible for Part D regardless of your income, resources, health, or current prescription expenses.  


There are two types of Part D plans, which are solely voluntary and will help you save money on prescription drug costs:  


PDPs (Medicare Part D Prescription). These are stand alone plans that can be added to your original Part A and Part B Medicare benefits, or used in conjunction with Medicare Supplement plans.  They are governed by Medicare, however offered through private insurance carriers.     


MAPDs (Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans). These also are stand alone plans offered through private carriers that can be added to Medicare Advantage health plans (cover Part A and B benefits) , or they can be purchased separately, however, to enroll in this type of plan, you need to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B. 



Medicare Part D

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