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Employee Administration Through Third Party Administrator

Licensed in Kentucky and Indiana

Staying on top of the required administrative functions of sponsoring a Group Benefit plan.

It’s a fact that most employers have a hard time keeping in full compliance with the administrative functions that come along with employee group benefits.  Complying with COBRA, ERISA and HIPPA, among other state and federal regulatory requirements are complex and tedious administrative functions, and, many of the required steps are very time sensitive.  Snowden and Associates can eliminate this burden for you with our cost-effective compliance services, offered through a trusted Third Party Administrator, designed to ensure that employers comply, in a timely manner, with all the necessary communications, legal notices, forms and filings which include, but are not limited to:



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Provide summary of plans and modifications to participants

Maintain and make available plan documents at administrator’s office

Have in place and execute proper procedures for making and appealing benefit claims

Ensure that participant contributions to the plan on made on a timely basis

Complete and easy to understand ERISA monitoring reports for employers


Collect premiums

Offer assistance to clients for enrollment, claims, etc.

Complete and easy to understand COBRA monitoring reports for employers


Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) and signed acknowledgements by patients of receipt of the NPP

Ensure employees' information and claims are kept HIPAA-protected in compliance with HIPAA

Ensure proper authorizations are obtained for release of any Private Health Information (PHI)

Complete and easy to understand HIPAA monitoring reports for employers