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Company Products and Services Overview

Welcome to Snowden & Associates

Snowden & Associates, Inc. is a locally owned agency which has been serving the Kentucky area for over 35 years. We understand that when selling an intangible product, we must differentiate with exceptional service, professionalism and attention to detail. We have built a strong book of business using the “old school” principles of being accessible, knowledgeable, responsive and ethical. 

Affordable Customized Solutions


Partnering with some of the strongest carriers in the nation, we specialize in groups of 2 to 100 employees. Our options range from traditional PPO's, Private Exchange DC plans to fully self-funded options.

Unique Opportunity for Group Benefits


Compliance Services and HR Tools


Complimentary or low cost services designed to help employers keep up with the timely administrative and compliance requirements of running an employee benefit plan.  Get help with Healthcare Reform, COBRA, HIPPA and more.

Both Employer & Employee Win


An employee benefit plan where employees, based on thier individual needs, purchase their own benefits from a private insurance exchange set up by the employer, and with pre-tax dollars set aside by the employer.

Specializing in Kentucky based trade association programs in the commercial construction and retail industries, we offer small employers affordable benefit packages at lower rates, typically only available to larger employers.

Knowledgeable.  Accessible.  Responsive.  Ethical.

As professionals, we must be able to properly evaluate your insurance needs and assist you in keeping current with changes in the insurance industry. We constantly monitor changes in employee benefit laws, products and trends so that we can provide the absolute best and proper guidance.


Continually evaluating the changing healthcare landscape.

Your Dedicated HR, Benefit Specialists and HCR Consultants

Our primary focus is the small group market. We understand that small businesses do not typically have a dedicated HR department, and they need someone to rely on for compliance, consulting and day to day administrative issues. We provide the small employer with the same level of attention as we would any large employer.



Catering to the Small Group Market

Healthcare Reform Consultants

Trade Association Specialists

Staying compliant with the Affordable Care Act (the ACA)

Build your membership with value added benefits.

Snowden and Associates are the sales and service agency for unique trade association programs in the construction and retail industries. These programs offer small employers with access to benefits and rates that are typically only available to large employers. When properly designed, bona fide trade association programs retain the ability to base rates on medical risk (not community rating), thus offering the ability to obtain discounts for groups with average to better than average claims experience.




The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a major change in the laws that govern healthcare.  According to the US Census Bureau, the ACA affects mostly businesses as nearly 80% of insured people receive their benefits through their employer.   The original healthcare bill was nearly 2,700 pages long when it was first implemented in 2010, and since then there have been 41 significant changes made to it.   Snowden and Associates can help you avoid costly penalties and stay compliant with the constantly changing laws of healthcare.  




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